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If your warranty card does not have a Unique Warranty Registration Number printed on it, then scan and email a copy of your warranty card and receipt to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and you will be issued with your unique number. If you have any queries about submitting your warranty online, phone our helpline on 1300 765 990.

This will be written on your warranty card that came with your watch.
You will find the model name displayed on the back of the watch case.
You will find the serial number name displayed on the back of the watch case.
If purchased online, enter 'Website'.
If 'Website' enter '4101'.
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Warranty Terms & Conditions

The STORM London guarantee covers manufacturing defects for 2 years in Australia from the date of purchase. Within this period this watch will be repaired free of charge, except for a handling/transportation and insurance fee of $15.00 to return the watch to you.

Covered by Warranty

  • Movement/mechanism (provided it has not been damaged by contact with moisture/water on a non water resistant watch).
  • Manufacturing defects.

Not Covered by Warranty

  • Batteries, glass, case, straps, clasps and winder.
  • Accidental damage, misuse or inexpert or unauthorised repair.
  • Water penetration through misuse, or on non water resistant watches.
  • Discolouring or wear occurring through normal usage.

Some selected STORM London watches have been designed and developed as collectors items, featuring more complex and/or shutter mechanisms. We recommend these models should be serviced at regular intervals to ensure trouble free operation. Due to the complex and/or delicate nature of these items, care must be taken while wearing or operating them. The battery in your STORM London watch is of standard size and can be replaced by most high street jewellers or our service department.