STORM London is renowned for its exclusive watches and distinctive stylish fashion accessories. With innovative designs and minimalist inspiration, STORM London offers a range of styles from contemporary edginess to sleek sophistication.

Today STORM London is a global brand with a presence in more than 45 countries around the world and standalone STORM London stores in numerous countries including Czech Republic, Australia, Dubai, India, China and Germany. More STORM London stores are planned in South Africa and Nigeria during 2010.

STORM London has a vision to continue pushing the boundaries to ensure its customers are always excited by its new and original designs.

STORM London is a statement of the future. Worldwide, the STORM London brand continues to challenge expectations of inventive design.

STORM London’s unique creative ethos began in London in 1989, specialising in innovative watch design. As STORM London approached the new millenium the range expanded to include jewellery, eyeware and clothing. Today the collection also includes bags, wallets, umbrellas and recently STORM launched perfumes for him and her. More accessories are planned for the future.

STORM London believes in the cult of individualism. From stylish sports to bold fashion statements, the STORM London range combines unique features and gadgets with a wide range of colours and shapes.

STORM London continually seeks stimulation for new challenges in design. STORM London’s team of dedicated designers take inspiration from the world around them, combining unconventional materials together with precision instrumentation.

The distinctive STORM London range evolves continuously with the creation of designs to challenge consumer expectations and provide individuality. Each design is unique, it is given protection by intellectual copyright and design right. Only genuine STORM London products carry the official product seal.

STORM London timepieces are highly sculptural and almost architectural in shape and form. STORM London continues to be a pioneer in the quest for individual style and is now coveted around the world.